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Looking in the mirror

I see my reflection

With what eyes

Do I see myself?

You see I have two pairs

One pair is mine

What I see

Nothing attached

Just my reflection

The other set

Is not mine

It belongs to Society

With it I see

Flaws and norms

This pair takes over

It blinds me

My 1st pair 

Fights for a turn

But it has been stored 

Inside my own Pandora’s Box

Waiting for me 

To have the strength 

To open it

The key is lost

Under an endless pile

Of advertisements and magazines

For now I see with Societ’s eyes

While looking for the spark

To set the pile on fire

And find the key

That will set me free

Ice cream

Ice cream

Kiki’s Bakery

Kiki’s Bakery

Because coffee and my bike

Because coffee and my bike


Smart Phones

Phone in hand

Eyes on the screen

Feelings missing

The internet

Raised them

Free of emotions

Free of thoughts

Just sitting

Looking at their phones

Life became ironic

The moment phones became smart

Smarter than people

The coldness in the room

Is not from the AC

It is from


Holy Grounds Coffee And Tea

Holy Grounds Coffee And Tea



In Darkness I trust

You know the danger

Hiding in darkness

You look for it

Your ready for it

But light betrays you

You think only good things are around

But there are shades of gray

Lurking in corners

Near the light

Your not ready

Not prepared 

You let your guard down

Give light your trust

But darkness has never

Let me down 

The Clique

The Clique

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